Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet 16

Every year is an amazing year when you’re a parent to see the changes and growth from one season to the next as your child grows, but its the milestones you hit that really make you wonder where the hell all the time has gone.
It was only yesterday when I was refilling sippy cups with watered down apple juice and stocking my purse with snack bags of cheerios. Now I’m sitting in the passenger seat gripping the seatbelt as she changes lanes and sips on lattes.

Here is the breakdown of her whirlwind weekend (yeah weekend, I’m a TOTAL push over)

  1. Homemade youtube Video of family and friends wishing you a Happy Birthday
  2. Presentation of ring given to me at 16, now a family ring passed down to you
  3. Trip to Tiffany’s. The YIN to your day and a plan of ours for years. Your choice.
  4. Thrift Store trip.The Yang to your day and a fun one too!
  5. Dubs, your friend of choice to spend the rest of the weekend with
  6. Hair. Gorgeously styled and curled
  7. Nails. Finally, the mirrored Minx nails you have wanted for ever!
  8. New Outfit. Shopping for you both
  9. New Shoes. Got new clothes need new shoes.
  10. SUR in Beverly Hills. The surprise of the night!
  11. Glen Ivy Hot Springs
  12. Massages. After all, its rough being spoiled.
  13. Mud Bath, we went tribal and had a blast.
  14. Disneyland. Okay, that we did NOT do just seeing if you were reading.
  15. Gossip Hour in the lap pool. (This was pretty darn fun!)
  16. Happy Happy Birthday Kates! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


April 26th 1996

You are a strong female among four generations of strong independent females who stand before you, love you, and share with you their path, their stories, trials, and tribulations of life. 

We have paved our way not only for ourselves but also for you. To show you what is possible and to allow you to dream beyond your immediate grasp, reach beyond the stars and aspire to places that your Grandmother, your Great Grandmother and me, your Mother, could ever imagine.

Happy Sweet 16 Kates.