Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catalina Island, how I spent a week there one day

Whenever I can steal some time for myself I usually do it with my camera. Having kids and endlessly capturing their lives is a hard habit to break after so many years of being allowed to do so. As teenagers they want very little to do with a lens anywhere near their vicinity. Going against them is only asking for eye rolls and huge sighs that seem to stop life in its tracks.

So I have taken to animals, landscapes, shoes, anything I see and will want to maybe see again I capture on film disk. I have also begun taking some photography classes as well as joining a few local groups who also enjoy shooting up the environment and expanding their photographic knowledge. Previously I had written about a great event Canon put on at the San Diego Zoo (here) and just recently was able to participate in another Canon event “Canon Captures Catalina”. It was a weekend venue beginning pre dawn on Saturday and continuing through Sunday filled with photo ops, great workshops, and plenty of walking that would put any stair-master to shame. As usual, Canon had all of their great cameras and lenses to loan and play with throughout your fantabulous adventure. Best part for me was that my Mom mentor and lifeline joined me on this husband/kid free weekend of bliss.

Now I could write about all the things we discussed, getting caught up on all the family biz and the various aches and pains we each have been dealing with but lets just summarize with what was discussed in Catalina stays in Catalina. 

What I will say is how wonderful it is to have come full circle with my Mom. I know I didn’t make it easy growing up, and as a single Mom she did her best filling in the shoes of what should have been done by two parents. I was not an easy child by any means, my never ending quest to see just how far I could push the limits left us many times at separate ends of the house trying to get as far away from each other as possible.

But now being with her and being a Mom myself, it is so wonderful to be able to sit across from her and be her friend. I had a wonderful weekend walking, taking pictures, learning, and laughing with her by my side. 

These days the only limits I set are the endless ones I put aside for her should she ever need anything from me. Thanks again Canon for a wonderful event! Props to you as well Mom- I know I didn’t say it near enough as a kid.

                                                                         Favorite shot of the weekend