Monday, June 29, 2009

Tons of fun

I have a new hobby. Well actually I guess its an old hobby with new avenues. Its pictures or more eloquently, the art of taking pictures.

Since the kids were merely days old I began shooting pictures of them laying in their cribs, left side, right side, rolling over on their back- oh it was endless the angles I could get out of a sleeping baby. It was such a passion for me that Brian at the then Price Club knew me by sight and merely had me write the first initial of my last name on the form when I dropped off my daily roll for processing.

Seriously my kids knew to hold a pose long before they knew how to tie their shoes.

Recently my wonderful Mom gave me her old digital camera when she upgraded to the latest and greatest. For a few weeks it sat in its case big and intimidating, but gradually it won me over and now much to the kids dismay it has seldom been away from my side.

Of course once the kids get older there are less chances to take photos. Last week I asked the oldest if she thought her driving instructor might be up to driving her past the house so I could run outside and shoot some shots of her on her inaugural event. She looked at me and laughed texting to her friends and shaking her head on her way out of the room. It was  time to look for subjects outside my own front door.

This last weekend Canon had a day for photographers in coalition with the San Diego Zoo and the new opening of the Elephant Odyssey exhibit. On hand they had loaner cameras and lenses along with some super cool gear at select stations throughout the zoo. It was an amazing day which culminated in an evening lecture by wildlife photographer, George Lepp.

Thanks Canon for helping a novice in such a huge way. Now if I could just get the elephants to hold their pose.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It’s My Party

I love birthdays , each year on each of the kids birthdays I stay up late and decorate our dining room. Banners, fanfare and balloons- tokens for the morning excitement always await the happy birthday boy or girl.

Today is my birthday...

... I don't need the banners and hoopla cause I have a little secret.... All morning I giggled to myself as each child was ceremoniously dropped off for a day at school. With teenagers voluntary exclamations are few and far between so I did feel pretty lucky when I got a somber “happy birthday Mom” as my eldest son exited the car when I dropped him off at school. It was quick and quiet least any of those passing by should hear, or maybe I wanted to hear it so bad it was merely imagined. Who knows, i’ll take whatever I can because it’s my party.

...and I am going to Disneyland!!! No work. No kids. Just me, other honored adults (husband and wonderful Mom) and a magic button that is quite frankly- Awesome!!! Should you be at the happiest place on earth on a day as wonderful as one honoring you, let me tell you about the most amazing thing. They have these buttons that you get at the front gate. It says on it “Happy Birthday” and a space to write your name. Now the best part is that anyone who sees the button and is an employee of this happy place HAS to say to you, in the happiest voice ever, “Happy Birthday!”. Everyone.
It is pure heaven.

Now I am a pretty confidant woman. Loves my family and is quite content with most things in my life, but truly there is nothing like a full day of endless strangers stopping in their tracks to say nothing more than a jubilant happy birthday. I absolutely beamed each and every time!

Down fall is it only seems to work at Disneyland itself- the kids just looked at me and rolled their eyes when I tried to wear it to dinner and the lady at the bank nervously looked for her supervisor when I kept looking from her to the button and back to her.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Time: 8:00 a.m
Mission: Buy birthday flowers for daughters friend
Deadline: Start of school day, 8:45
Budget: As little as possible.

8:05- Stop one, Ralphs grocery store- its quick, its open, its close to the school. 

Result- Its is also overpriced and smells oddly like my old gym locker.

8:15- Stop two, Vons grocery store - its right down the road, its also open, most importantly it has a Starbucks!

Result- It is incredibly void of any Lilies (the name of the friend and thus the reason for this particular gift). Ask daughter if maybe her middle name is Rose since they are only $2.00 per stem. (result, first eye roll of the day)

8:30- Driving across parking lot fresh out of ideas since no one else but WalMart is open at this hour. When I notice the lovely landscaping - can it be? Yes! Lilies.

Result- Pull up to the curb, pick three Lilies and take a sip of wonderfully brewed coffee.

8:35- Have an idea to make the bunch look less like we just picked them from a parking lot and pull into WalMart.

Result- One yard of satin fabric tied around the flowers and  $.27 cents out of pocket (coffee expense doesn't count, its always in budget)

8:45- Pull up to the school and drop off happy child.

Result- I am the hero for one more day through the eyes of my daughter.