Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homecoming Dances, Bringing Bow Ties Back, and the Most Awesome Review Ever on Amazon

Okay so we covered the Homecoming game here. (Awesome!!). That meant that the next day, Saturday, was the Homecoming dance. My son, John and his group of buddies always willing to push the fashion boundaries (don't believe me? just ask him about the satchel incident of spring 2011) decided to wear bow ties to the dance both to jazz things up as well as to make their senior statements since it was their last High School Homecoming dance.

Looking on Amazon we found this:

Which was great right? your average everyday bow tie. But wait! there is sooooo much more- read this Most amazing funny and greatest review ever- (click if you need to see it bigger)

Had us rolling on the floor. We even ordered two, one white and one black. The result? one hot 17 year old ready to rock the dance floor looking just like my 12th grade science teacher.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Last night was my sons senior Homecoming game. As it was also my step sons Freshman Homecoming game we had a crazy night of football fever in the house. You see, having all the kids in one school would be too easy and normal- so not the way we do things at The Oompahpah
One of these games ended up being a Hollywood script, fireworks and all (no kidding).
While the kids just have their one game to worry about Erik and I spend a good portion of our evening timing entrances and departures so we can then drive from one end of Orange County to the other to get from field to field all the while changing our clothes at red lights so as to coincide with the correct fan colors and spirit wear for the next game. It's the behind scenes life of parenting in a blended family 2011.
After a quick stint at the the Freshman game we were a bit psyched to settle in at the senior Homecoming, mainly because this year for John is just so monumental. It’s his senior year. Each day he goes to school I wish for him to be back in kindergarten as much as I look forward to him heading off into the world. I just know the whole being in charge of him and being able to ensure where he is at night is all ending soon and I am just not ready for it. Anyway I am savoring the entire senior year experience with him as much as I can, so this game was a big one for me and I was looking forward to it. Which is why it was a bit disappointing to arrive at halftime being under 0-7, or more so third quarter at 0-28.
The game may have been in the dumps but the school spirit was incredible. Shirts, ribbons, chants, I am sure all the normal at thousands of high schools across the country although I don’t how many high school games have pyrotechnic displays between quarters, golden confetti sprays that rival a Main Street Disneyland parade, or half time shows that include firework displays that I have seen similar at small town 4th of July celebrations. Let's just say there was a lot going on for a high school football game even if it was homecoming.
Halfway through the fourth quarter we scored. Then in the kick off we went for an onside kick and got the ball for another shot that lead to yet another goal. I know that you think you know where this is going and although you are right, you see we didn’t know that at the time- and it was insane! The stands were wild. Kids and adults where stomping their feet and chanting  “I believe that we will win” over and over while we were still 8 points down with only three minutes to go. It was amazing! In the end we got the lead with 41 seconds to spare and a two point conversion after the touchdown. Kids were holding on to one another each time the ball was set down for another play. I swear you could hear each person breath as we all inhaled and exhaled in unison. We were one.

The game was the best high I have had in a long time. The kids in their spirit section were wild with glee and excitement while shirts were ripped off and swung in exuberance. Parents yelled, smiled, and threw their arms up all at the same time in disbelief and excitement texting anyone who had left early or no one at all if only to prove that they had been there in that moment of time and miracles. 
...and all I could think of was how proud coach Carter would have been of this game. 

                                                     Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose. Go Panthers Wolverines 29-28 F.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Its been so long since I’ve posted if months were years I could vote

It has been over eighteen months since I have written in this place of mine. 
In addition to life in traditional Oompahpah fashion the last year and a half (more on those adventures coming soon) there have also been my daily doses of kinship in keeping up with many wonderful blogs. 

Some I have laughed along with almost daily while others I have waited patiently for their words to come too few and far between. Should one particular blog seem to take a break and freeze while in winters wallow when summer is clearly in full swing I get it. I get that life, well- it takes on a life of its own. I wait with a patience of unusual proportions until, hopefully, one day my screen refreshes into a “ I haven’t written in a while” edition that promises to be the new beginning of that was then this is now- and together we move forward side by side in a silent friendship of understanding of each others needs (aka laughter, recipes, photos, advise, and comfort). 
Well now I guess its my turn. Days, months, whatever the distance of time, events evolved and the words were always there to express but the time or the heart to get it on the page was never strong enough to expose it until now. So get in, strap on your seat belt, and hold on tight. I’m back, and yet I never left. Get over it. Move on. It’s a new day.