Monday, October 10, 2011

Its been so long since I’ve posted if months were years I could vote

It has been over eighteen months since I have written in this place of mine. 
In addition to life in traditional Oompahpah fashion the last year and a half (more on those adventures coming soon) there have also been my daily doses of kinship in keeping up with many wonderful blogs. 

Some I have laughed along with almost daily while others I have waited patiently for their words to come too few and far between. Should one particular blog seem to take a break and freeze while in winters wallow when summer is clearly in full swing I get it. I get that life, well- it takes on a life of its own. I wait with a patience of unusual proportions until, hopefully, one day my screen refreshes into a “ I haven’t written in a while” edition that promises to be the new beginning of that was then this is now- and together we move forward side by side in a silent friendship of understanding of each others needs (aka laughter, recipes, photos, advise, and comfort). 
Well now I guess its my turn. Days, months, whatever the distance of time, events evolved and the words were always there to express but the time or the heart to get it on the page was never strong enough to expose it until now. So get in, strap on your seat belt, and hold on tight. I’m back, and yet I never left. Get over it. Move on. It’s a new day.

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