Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homecoming Dances, Bringing Bow Ties Back, and the Most Awesome Review Ever on Amazon

Okay so we covered the Homecoming game here. (Awesome!!). That meant that the next day, Saturday, was the Homecoming dance. My son, John and his group of buddies always willing to push the fashion boundaries (don't believe me? just ask him about the satchel incident of spring 2011) decided to wear bow ties to the dance both to jazz things up as well as to make their senior statements since it was their last High School Homecoming dance.

Looking on Amazon we found this:

Which was great right? your average everyday bow tie. But wait! there is sooooo much more- read this Most amazing funny and greatest review ever- (click if you need to see it bigger)

Had us rolling on the floor. We even ordered two, one white and one black. The result? one hot 17 year old ready to rock the dance floor looking just like my 12th grade science teacher.

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