Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Time: 8:00 a.m
Mission: Buy birthday flowers for daughters friend
Deadline: Start of school day, 8:45
Budget: As little as possible.

8:05- Stop one, Ralphs grocery store- its quick, its open, its close to the school. 

Result- Its is also overpriced and smells oddly like my old gym locker.

8:15- Stop two, Vons grocery store - its right down the road, its also open, most importantly it has a Starbucks!

Result- It is incredibly void of any Lilies (the name of the friend and thus the reason for this particular gift). Ask daughter if maybe her middle name is Rose since they are only $2.00 per stem. (result, first eye roll of the day)

8:30- Driving across parking lot fresh out of ideas since no one else but WalMart is open at this hour. When I notice the lovely landscaping - can it be? Yes! Lilies.

Result- Pull up to the curb, pick three Lilies and take a sip of wonderfully brewed coffee.

8:35- Have an idea to make the bunch look less like we just picked them from a parking lot and pull into WalMart.

Result- One yard of satin fabric tied around the flowers and  $.27 cents out of pocket (coffee expense doesn't count, its always in budget)

8:45- Pull up to the school and drop off happy child.

Result- I am the hero for one more day through the eyes of my daughter.

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