Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It’s My Party

I love birthdays , each year on each of the kids birthdays I stay up late and decorate our dining room. Banners, fanfare and balloons- tokens for the morning excitement always await the happy birthday boy or girl.

Today is my birthday...

... I don't need the banners and hoopla cause I have a little secret.... All morning I giggled to myself as each child was ceremoniously dropped off for a day at school. With teenagers voluntary exclamations are few and far between so I did feel pretty lucky when I got a somber “happy birthday Mom” as my eldest son exited the car when I dropped him off at school. It was quick and quiet least any of those passing by should hear, or maybe I wanted to hear it so bad it was merely imagined. Who knows, i’ll take whatever I can because it’s my party.

...and I am going to Disneyland!!! No work. No kids. Just me, other honored adults (husband and wonderful Mom) and a magic button that is quite frankly- Awesome!!! Should you be at the happiest place on earth on a day as wonderful as one honoring you, let me tell you about the most amazing thing. They have these buttons that you get at the front gate. It says on it “Happy Birthday” and a space to write your name. Now the best part is that anyone who sees the button and is an employee of this happy place HAS to say to you, in the happiest voice ever, “Happy Birthday!”. Everyone.
It is pure heaven.

Now I am a pretty confidant woman. Loves my family and is quite content with most things in my life, but truly there is nothing like a full day of endless strangers stopping in their tracks to say nothing more than a jubilant happy birthday. I absolutely beamed each and every time!

Down fall is it only seems to work at Disneyland itself- the kids just looked at me and rolled their eyes when I tried to wear it to dinner and the lady at the bank nervously looked for her supervisor when I kept looking from her to the button and back to her.

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