Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super Derby

The 2009 convertible RV.

Okay so its not really a convertible RV, It’s a picture taken at this years Orange County fair.

At the OC fair not only do we have a demolition derby, in an effort to constantly out do itself this year we had a SUPER derby. Apparently the first of its kind in California. Instead of old cars rescued from the junk yard that most people have long forgotten this derby consisted of class c mobile homes resurrected and ready to rumble.

Now I consider myself a pretty level headed person. I enjoy many things within a broad spectrum of things. I love tent camping with the family as much as I love staying at the Four Seasons with my husband. I enjoy a great NASCAR race almost as much as I love going to a great concert. I will try almost anything once, just ask my kids and they will relate the infamous Turkey Balls incident. So years ago when a friend suggested we head over to the demolition derby and check it out, I was all for the adventure. Over five years later it has become my sole reason for going to the fair.

I think its the pure recklessness of it though played out in a safe and secure setting. How many times have you watched a high speed chase only to be disappointed at the the lack luster ending or those “Worlds Wildest” television shows you find yourself watching almost mesmerized at all hours in the evening when sleep has abandoned you? Come on I can’t be the only one. I love watching, waiting, hoping to see a marvelous crash befall the crazy drivers. Well that is the demolition derby. Ten to Fourteen cars arrange themselves around a dirt arena where the sole purpose is to crash into each other till the last car running is declared the winner.

Except this year they pushed it up a notch and unveiled the Super derby... and I was thrilled, until we got there. What did I do? I shopped. and cried. a lot.

Here’s the thing- old cars that no one wants smashing and crumbling into twisted metal? cool! But take a running RV and destroy it when I would be perfectly happy to take it and use it for years to come traveling and creating endless wonderful memories with my family? Heartbreaking.

My husband knew he was in for trouble before it even started when I began comparing each RV on display in relation to how it would fit our family or after it started when I whined as the Grandmas Attic literally fell onto the ground and got run over by a competitor. I mean that was where I knew our kids would have loved to sit and watch the road before them as we sang “You are my sunshine” in the rounds as a family (okay maybe not quite), but it was a lot like taking a cool shiny toy holding out in front of an eager toddler and smashing it to bits while they watched and wailed. At one point it actually hurt to watch.

In the end nothing was left but a handful of truck flatbeds and a whole mess of shit to clean up...(sigh) I guess its the Four Seasons yet again this year.

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